About me

Hello. This is Emin (he/him). Born in Trabzon, Turkey. I studied computer engineering at Koc University, Istanbul. I did my Erasmus in Bordeaux, France. I worked and lived in Silicon Valley, the USA for a little time, and now currently working and living in Munich, Germany.

You will be reading about some technical articles regarding the things I learn at work and in my daily life experiences. So in short, it's Emin's Developer Experience blog. Mainly working with Python, JavaScript (TypeScript) and Serverless architecture.

I hope you enjoy reading. Please don't forget to share! :)

Twitter: www.twitter.com/eminbugrasaral_
Github: www.github.com/ebsaral

Buy me a tea or coffee? https://ko-fi.com/ebsaral :)

You can e-mail me at: combats.refit-03@icloud.com

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